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The BEF Integrated Growth Suite is your all-in-one solution for transforming everyday challenges into extraordinary opportunities for growth. With our advanced systems, watch your business efficiency soar and your market presence dominate.


Automated Marketing Systems

Keep your audience engaged with less effort.

Enhanced Sales Processes

Generate more leads and convert them with ease.

Client Nurturing

Turn leads into loyal customers through strategic engagement.

Why Choose the

BEF Integrated Growth Suite?

  • Save Time: Automation that handles complex tasks quickly.

  • Increase Efficiency: Systems that streamline every process.

  • Boost Revenue: Strategies that turn leads into profits.

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BEF Program Packages

Startup Essentials Plan

  • GHL subaccount for comprehensive management.

  • Affiliate Management program to expand your marketing reach.

  • Appointment setter workflow for efficient scheduling.

  • Monthly custom survey creation to capture valuable insights for lead generation.


1.Establish your foundational digital and affiliate presence.

2.Automate critical interactions to save time and enhance customer experiences.

Monthly Subscription: $200.00

Market Ignition Plan

  • All services from the Startup Essentials Plan

  • Basic website setup and hosting, ensuring your online presence is solid and reliable.

  • Nurturing automation for consistent engagement with clients and leads.

  • Chatbot implementation for real-time customer interaction.

  • Foundational brand consultation to create a cohesive Branding Guide Kit.

  • Two monthly surveys for ongoing lead generation with advance features.

  • Basic CRM setup with email and SMS automation.


1.Kickstart your market presence with essential digital tools.

2.Streamline client communication and lead management through automated systems.

Monthly Subscription: $400.00

Growth Accelerator Blueprint

  • All services from the Market Ignition Plan.

  • Advanced website features to enhance user experience and functionality.

  • Comprehensive content creation including PowerPoints and eBooks to boost your content marketing.

  • Advanced sales funnels and nurturing campaigns for deeper customer relationships.

  • Enhanced CRM capabilities with detailed automation for every customer touchpoint.


1.Expand your marketing reach with advanced tools and custom content.

2.Achieve higher engagement and conversion through tailored marketing strategies.

Monthly Subscription: $800.00

Enterprise Momentum Suite

  • All services from the lower-tier packages.

  • Complete development of complex sales funnels and sophisticated workflow automation.

  • Dynamic social media management and content creation across various platforms.

  • High-level multimedia content production including video editing and interactive digital content.

  • In-depth performance analytics and custom KPI dashboard for strategic decision-making.


1.Leverage full-scale automation and advanced analytics to dominate your market.

2.Enhance operational efficiency and drive significant growth through strategic insights.


1.Tailored Business Solutions: Flexible options for PPC campaigns, advanced video production, and extended branding services to meet specific needs.

2.Scalable Offerings: Easily scale your selected package as your business grows and your needs evolve.

Monthly Subscription: $800.00

Connects potential clients directly with a BEF strategist to discuss their specific needs. Or purchase program now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the BEF Integrated Growth Suite include?

The BEF Integrated Growth Suite offers tiered packages tailored to different business sizes and needs, ranging from foundational digital presence setups to advanced automation and analytics systems. Each package builds on the previous one, adding more features and benefits, ensuring that your business has the right tools for growth at every stage.

How is the BEF Integrated Growth Suite implemented?

At BEF, we handle all aspects of implementation. Once you choose a package, our team will set up everything from your GHL subaccount to your advanced CRM systems. We ensure that each component is perfectly tailored to fit your business's unique needs and goals.

Who manages the systems and strategies implemented?

Our dedicated team at BEF doesn't just implement; we also manage the systems and strategies we set up for you. We monitor the performance, make necessary adjustments, and provide ongoing support to ensure that the solutions continue to meet your business objectives efficiently.

Can I upgrade my package if my business needs change?

Absolutely! Our packages are designed to be scalable. You can start with what you need now and easily upgrade as your business grows. Our team will assist you in transitioning to a more advanced package that better suits your expanding requirements.

What kind of support can I expect with the BEF Integrated Growth Suite?

Each client receives dedicated support from our expert team. This includes regular check-ins, performance analytics reports, and direct access to technical assistance. We ensure you have the support needed to maximize the benefits of the Integrated Growth Suite.

How does the Affiliate Management program work within the suite?

Our Affiliate Management program is designed to help you expand your marketing reach. We manage the setup and maintenance of your affiliate network, track affiliate performance, and ensure optimal operation within your overall marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of having a GHL subaccount or account?

Having a GHL subaccount through BEF allows you greater control and visibility over your marketing and sales funnels. It provides a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring your campaigns, managing leads, and analyzing performance data directly.

Is there a trial period for any of the packages?

We offer a detailed consultation to discuss your specific needs and how our suite can meet them. While we do not offer a trial period, this initial consultation is designed to ensure that the package you select is perfectly suited to your business requirements from the start.

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