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Who We Are


Our mission is clear: to support and empower entrepreneurs and businesses. Through strategic partnerships, services, and our advanced platform, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. With a focus on support, education, technology and collaboration, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential and achieve their business desire.


Our vision is simple: We want to be the driving force behind entrepreneurial success and growth.

Members Listings


What type of professionals are in the BEF community?

– Young and aspiring entrepreneurs who may be launching their own businesses or looking for guidance in growing their existing ventures. 

– Established small business owners who may have been running their businesses for a few years but are facing challenges in scaling up.

– Experienced entrepreneurs who may have been running their businesses for a significant period and are looking for ways to rejuvenate or expand their enterprises. 

– Retired individuals, there is a growing trend of “encore entrepreneurs” who start new businesses or seek assistance in transitioning from retirement into entrepreneurship. 

At BEF, we provide a collaborative community of entrepreneurs with strategic partnerships. Unlike typical networking groups that only offer referral opportunities, our community offers both referrals and the unique opportunity to earn additional income through our affiliate marketing-style approach. By joining BEF, you become part of a vibrant network that fosters collaboration and supports each member’s growth.

BEF offers customized solutions to build the business you desire. Think of us as a hospital that can cater to all types of businesses, with the flexibility to provide multiple solutions. You have the freedom to choose which tools and resources you want to use from the ones we provide. Our solutions are 100% customizable to meet your specific needs.

As a BEF member, you can expect comprehensive support in building your business empire. We leverage collaboration and affiliate marketing to empower you. You gain access to our all-in-one business platform and branding materials, which enable you to sell your services, build your network, consolidate platforms, lower monthly expenses, and create more time for yourself.

BEF offers a client portal, an all-in-one system that allows you to manage clients, send emails, schedule appointments, create projects, generate invoices, handle subscriptions and payments, set up automation workflows, and more. You can also choose to use our branding materials as a Certified Partner or operate under the BEF branding. To enhance your efficiency, we provide the Now.Site affiliate program, which gives you access to AI features. Additionally, we can provide virtual assistants either full-time or part-time to help with specific tasks in your business or personal life.

As a strategic partner with BEF, you have the ability to onboard new members into our program. When your referred new members enroll, you will receive an affiliate link and earn a minimum of 10% of their lifetime value from BEF through this partner membership. This provides you with a recurring income stream and the potential for long-term financial growth.

In addition to earning a percentage of the lifetime value of each member or client you bring in, you can add your own services on top of our existing membership levels. By bundling your services with ours, you can generate additional revenue by upselling and providing more value to our members. This bundling option also allows you to cross-sell your services to our existing customer base, creating new avenues for business growth and expansion.

To be an effective strategic partner with BEF, it is encouraged to leverage the unique skills of each member and create a collaborative environment. Focus on growing your business while utilizing our platform to manage your business. Make the most of branding to raise awareness and sell your services/products to BEF members and new prospects.

Active participation in growing our community is encouraged. Attend training sessions, present in front of groups, join mastermind groups, and create new content like videos for your services/products. While these activities are not mandatory, they can greatly benefit your business. At a minimum, we require our strategic partners to provide at least one product or service to sell on our platform, along with a 30-second video showcasing it. This information will be included within our portal for clients to review. You have the freedom to focus on your areas of expertise and contribute your specific skills to the partnership’s growth.

By bundling your services with ours, we create a win-win situation. Our members benefit from accessing a comprehensive solution that meets their multiple needs, while you gain exposure to a broader customer base and the chance to earn more revenue. Bundling not only increases the perceived value of your services but also enhances the overall appeal of the packages you offer.

At BEF, we believe in empowering our strategic partners to maximize their earning potential and expand their businesses. By providing you

Yes! These are the businesses we work with. 

  • Entrepreneurs who want to collaborate and/ or provide a service too
  • All industries 
  • All entrepreneurs who have a service or product to provide
  • Entrepreneurs who are tight on money and time
  • Entrepreneurs who needs or want support
  • Entrepreneurs who lack direction and or information 
  • Entrepreneurs who are only strong in certain area in business
  • Entrepreneurs who want to stop being an employee of their business
  • Businesses ready to scale their business 
  • Business who are content in the progress of their business