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At Business Empire Financial (BEF), we offer a range of service programs through our Level 1 to Level 7 packages. These packages are designed to provide comprehensive support for entrepreneurs and businesses at every stage of their journey.

Value of Bundling Services:
By bundling our services, we provide entrepreneurs the flexibility to choose the level of support that best suits their needs. Whether they prefer to do things alone, do things together, or opt for a “do it for you” approach, our service programs offer a perfect fit.



BEF Business
Development Roadmap

Weekly Trainings
4 Sessions

Website Audit

Google Business
Profile Audit

Virtual Assistant (VA)
Credit Hours

Business Strategist
1 on 1 Session

LinkedIn / Facebook
Lead Gen


Referral Program
15% Commission

BEF Business
Directory Listing

H7 Networking
Community Access

Webinar Kit



Tech With Heart


BEF Social Media
Marketing System

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per month



per month

4 hrs/mo




per month

12 hrs/mo

45 min/mo


Feature with Spotlight



per month

16 hrs/mo

1 hr/mo


Feature with Spotlight & Podcast Interview



per month

24 hrs/mo

1 hr/mo


Featured with Spotlight & Podcast Interview (2x/yr)

3 posts per week & Intro Masterclass - How to Automate Your Business



per month *

50 hrs/mo

1 hr/mo


Front Cover Feature with Spotlight, Podcast Interview (2x/yr) & Press Release (USA Today, ABC, etc)

4 posts per week & Bi-Weekly Masterclass - How to Automate Your Business with DFY Option



per month *

100 hrs/mo

2 hr/mo


Front Cover Feature with Spotlight, Podcast Interview (2x/yr) & Press Release (USA Today, ABC, etc)

5 posts per week & Bi-Weekly Masterclass - How to Automate Your Business with DFY Option

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* Note: Requires annual contract and commitment

Key advantages of joining BEF

Comprehensive Support

BEF membership provides entrepreneurs with access to a wide range of resources, services, and expertise. Sign-up for our weekly business training and networking sessions. to personalized Business Strategist sessions, members receive comprehensive support to enhance their knowledge, skills, and strategies.

Networking Opportunities

BEF membership connects entrepreneurs with a diverse community of like-minded individuals. Through networking sessions, members can share experiences, collaborate, and establish valuable connections that can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and business growth opportunities.

Access to Exclusive Resources

BEF members gain access to an array of exclusive resources, such as video libraries, member resources, and the BEF 1 million dollar Business Workbook. These resources offer valuable insights, strategies, and tools to help entrepreneurs build successful and scalable businesses

Affordability and Flexibility

BEF offers membership levels at various price points, allowing entrepreneurs to choose a level that aligns with their specific needs and budget. From free Level 1 membership to the comprehensive Level 5 package, members can select the level that offers the right balance of support, services, and affordability.

Virtual Assistant Support

Depending on the membership level, entrepreneurs may receive Virtual Assistant support. This helps alleviate administrative burdens and allows members to delegate tasks, saving time and enabling them to focus on important aspects of their business

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

BEF offers an Affiliate Marketing System, allowing members to earn additional income through promoting BEF services and other business opportunities. This can provide entrepreneurs with an extra revenue stream and expand their network and brand exposure.

Visibility and Recognition

BEF members can benefit from enhanced visibility as they gain a business listing on the BEF website and have opportunities to be featured speakers. This visibility can help increase brand recognition, attract potential customers, and boost credibility in the entrepreneurial community.