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Manage your business like a PRO with SuiteDash, the All-in-One Business Software that empowers collaboration with your team, and automates interaction with your clients. (Click the play button to watch video.)

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose SuiteDash For Your Business!

CRM + Automation

Automate your Lead generation & Onboarding Process

Create & configure multiple acquisition & onboarding funnels designed to efficiently convert Leads into happy Customers.

  • Embed Kickoff Form on your website
  • Unlimited Custom Fields in CRM
  • Customize the Client Portal experience
  • Automate your Onboarding process
  • Create Funnel/Landing Pages to suit


White Label Portal + Mobile App

Customize the Client Portal experience with your URL, Logo & Colors

Your Clients & Staff will access your Portal via your Custom URL & a fully customizable login screen. Or, they can install your White Label Mobile App on their phone/tablet and always be in touch, even on the go.

  • Portal can be setup on your URL
  • White Label Mobile App is included
  • Fully Branded Login Page
  • Fully White Labeled email notifications
  • Users never see the SuiteDash brand


Invoicing + Subscriptions

Get paid Online + Subscription Payments + Membership Site

A complete solution for sending invoices & receiving payments directly in the Portal + a fully featured Subscription Payment & Membership Site solution that provides powerful subscription management options for both you and the Client.

  • Quickly create Invoices that can be paid online
  • Auto-convert Estimates to Invoices
  • Invoice both ‘One Time’ & Subscription items
  • Clients can manage & cancel Subscriptions
  • Securely store ‘Payment Methods on file’


LMS Learning + Monetization

Integrate Learning into your Business

Organizing your hard-won knowledge into an Online Course can be a great asset to your business or organization! Monetize your courses, use them as lead generators, train your Staff or just educate your Clients! There are dozens of creative use cases that make LMS an invaluable tool in your arsenal.

  • Create Courses for Clients and Staff
  • Build beautiful courses using our drag & drop Editor
  • Lock content until previous Lessons are completed
  • Easily embed video, images, charts, etc.
  • Allows for multiple Courses configured in separate Products


Client Onboarding + Member Access

Onboarding Clients on Autopilot

Take control of your processes by defining the workflows and inviting your leads, prospects & clients into a journey of your own design. Automated systems will let you take on more clients & grow your bottom line!

  • Start the onboarding using Kickoff Forms on your website
  • Automatically move Prospects through a journey
  • No-Code Automations make it easy to build autopilot systems
  • Direct the path of a Prospect/Client based on the choices they make
  • Designed to be flexible and adaptable to your workflow


Cloud File Storage + Transfer

Securely storing, sending and sharing files has never been easier.

Upload those files, done! Download these files, check! Using a client portal to share files gives you mission specific tools designed to do the exact job you need, do it quickly and efficiently, and all the while protecting and promoting your brand integrity.

  • Client files are securely insulated
  • Integrate file(s) upload into onboarding
  • Use File Requests to ask Clients to upload
  • Send/Share files of any size to anyone
  • Shared Folders are powerful & flexible


Cloud Proposals + eSigning

Send beautiful Proposals online & Prospects can easily review & accept

Design content-rich, multi-page Proposals that can automatically trigger other actions when accepted (Invoice auto-creation, additional Documents, etc.)

  • Proposal are viewed & eSigned online
  • Prospect/Client does not need to log in to view
  • Auto-generate Invoice when Client accepts
  • Templates prevent repetitive work
  • Signature is documented & 100% legal


Appointment Booking + Automations

Each member of your team can create a stand-alone ‘booking page’ or embed their widget on your website

Powerful options to control appointment length, time between appointments, etc. You can configure all of the details related to each appointment type, and set up automated actions that happen when a time is booked.

  • Can be used by your entire team
  • Leads can book directly from your website
  • Create a ‘Book me’ landing page with custom URL
  • Sync appointments to your Google calendar
  • Admin can book on behalf of others


Projects + Templates + Automation

Manage your team & keep your Clients updated & involved. Templates & Automations eliminate repetitive work

Nothing is ever more than a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips. Easily track time spent on a particular Project or Task, and add that time as a billable item on an Invoice.

  • Task Templates & Generators eliminate repetition
  • Design a workflow, then automate the steps
  • Task timers allow for granular time tracking
  • Easily convert tasks/projects into Invoices
  • Kanban boards simplify organization


Email Marketing + Drip Campaigns

Easily add Contacts to your Marketing Audiences & automatically move them to new Audiences based on triggers/actions

Email Campaigns can be created and sent at a particular date and time, whereas Autoresponders/Drips can be set up to send automatically on a schedule to any new email address you add to your Audiences.

  • Add manually or via embedded form
  • Send campaigns manually or schedule them
  • Campaign Templates let you re-use base design
  • Import your existing subscriber list via CSV
  • Track campaign opens and clicks


SuiteDash REPLACES the core functionality of ALL these tools


$ 19

Start Smart!


$ 49

START + Growth Tools

Ready to Grow!


$ 99

THRIVE + Premium Tools

Time to Dominate!

Turnkey Portal

$300 per month


Ready to Automate Your Business?

InfinetGlobal is excited about our new Agency Partnership with SuiteDash and we are looking forward to working with you to identifying areas of your business model that can be automated, and supporting you through each step of the process of planning, developing, testing and fine tuning each automation.

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